To Azimuth Announced with Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight Campaigns

Zach here! Me and the others at [bracket]games are incredibly excited to announce our new game, To Azimuth. So, what is To Azimuth? First, watch this trailer (or don't, and skip ahead, no one is stopping you):

Okay, so that's cool, but what the Hell is To Azimuth?

Quickly put, it's an alien abduction mystery adventure game set in Alabama in 1978. For the longer version, check out our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign pages, or the home page on this website (they all contain the same information, really). 

There are a whole bunch of screenshots over on the aptly named screenshot page, as well.

We've also posted footage of the prototype, which I'll include below because it's easy for me and make things simpler for you:

If any of this sounds like a game you can get behind, please consider heading over to our Kickstarter page to back us and vote for To Azimuth on Steam Greenlight!


Zach Sanford